A Ready Soul

My friend came to visit me from out of town. We sat on my front porch discussing my son and remembering the times we shared with him. While I was speaking about him I burst out crying and I asked her why did God have to take such a sweet person and good man so early. I also asked why did God not take some of the people who were monsters here on Earth, because the world would be such a better place without murderers, child molesters, and such. Her answer really helped solve my question. She answered, “Because God knew his (my son’s) soul was ready. Those other people’s souls are not ready to see God yet.”  Wow. What powerful words. I have never had anyone to put my soul at ease like her answer put my soul at ease. It all makes since. God takes us when our souls are ready to be with him, when people have nothing left to learn, or when people just turn away from God one too many times. At least that is what I believe now. I know my son’s soul was ready. He had such a precious and giving soul and now knowing that, my soul is more at peace.


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