Super Heroes

I always considered my son and I close. We would always find a way to have a good time together and enjoy each other’s company. Even if it was cruising around just so we could listen to the radio and sing our heart out. We always liked the same things, especially the same type of music. We would have plenty of heart to heart mother and son talks, though never enough. I would share my EMS stories with him and he would always call me a “real life super hero” because I am a paramedic. I would always laugh and tell him that helping people was just my job, and I am not any super hero. He would then always say,  “Exactly what a super hero does.” He would always find a way to make me laugh.

Austin would never say anything negative about anyone to me. Regardless of the situation, or person, Austin always seemed to just shake it off. He had the thickest skin of anybody I have ever known. Austin had some tough breaks, including his father and I divorcing, making other situations I will keep private. Austin just cruised on through life with a smile on his face.

I believe loyalty and being positive would be two super hero traits in my book. Along with a big heart, compassion, and street brilliance- all of which Austin had.

I never saw the true super hero in my son, until I lost him. I am the mother of a super hero. Angels are super heroes.


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