What Dreams May Come

Every night I go to bed hoping I will dream about Austin. I want to see him again, speak to him again, and hold him again. Someone told me that when someone dies and you dream about them, it is really not a dream. They really came to you. So far, I have had two people to tell me Austin has came to someone they know in dreams. The first person was Austin’s aunt (my x-sister-in-law). I hate to call her that because we are still so very close. She told me that her aunt, (who is a true woman of God who used to work with Austin) dreamed about Austin. She said he came to her with one of those fidget spinners in his hand, spinning it around. I have never known Austin to have one of those spinners, but that was so totally Austin. He was also fidgeting with something. He told her that he that he loved her and everything was fine. Another person, another  one of Austin’s aunts, texted me yesterday about a dream her son Brandon (the cousin Austin was the closest to) had about him. He told his mother that Austin is OK. When his mother asked him what did he mean he said, “I was dreaming I was sitting in church crying and Austin came to me and told me he is OK.” Of course hearing that made me cry so hard. I knew it was Austin’s way to comfort all of us. I still have yet to dream about Austin. I wake up every morning so far disappointed by no dream. I know Austin will come to me in time. Maybe he thinks I couldn’t handle myself seeing him, then waking up to the cold, hard reality right now. I am not sure. But I know in time, he will. One day. Until then I will wait patiently.

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